FAQ’s & Help

Below are our latest FAQ’s - which do get updated whenever there are any new questions we’re being frequently asked!

Date of last revision: January 14, 2011

Getting Started

What is BeSInful?

BeSInful is a online community where professional models and hot girls upload content for members to view and rate. The site is a cross between a social network and premium content site - you can freely interact with girls, members, view photos and videos, exclusive photos not found anywhere else, read blogs and sexy news.

Disclaimer: The site is called “BeSInful” so expect to a little more flesh than you would elsewhere!

What kind of girls are on BeSInful?

Sinful ones! We do not have any rules on how you should look on this site. Natural, tattooed, pierced, enhanced or not makes no difference to us, we encourage women of all sizes, races, ages, styles to participate.

What are Sinful Credits?

Sinful Credits are our virtual currency. VIP members receive these as part of their membership. Use them to sin (vote for) your favourite photos and videos. These are turned in to real cash for girls which keeps them coming back and posting content for you to enjoy. Don’t worry if you get a little eager and run out, you can top them up whenever you like!

Forgot password / can’t login

Don’t panic if you cant login. You can reset your password, resend the activation email if you didn’t receive it after registration and even restore an account you deleted. Just visit our Log in problems page

How do I adjust what emails I receive?

In the top navigation menu click “Account → Notification Settings”. Here you can determine which emails you will, and will not receive.
You can also control if any alerts get sent out to you when your favourites are online or have uploaded new content. In the navigation menu click “Favourites → Manage Favourites”.

What do members see?

You can see all of the girls own uploads - any pictures she adds to her profile and videos.
You can also see all of the professional photo shoots which are topless, nude and extremely sexy.

How can I interact with my favourite girls?

You can keep up to date with all the girls updates, blogs and new content, send them personal messages and leave them comments.

Why Don’t you have this [awesome feature]?

If it’s really that awesome, and we’ve been asked for it a lot then we probably want it as much as you. We are working non-stop on the site, it’s constantly evolving and we’ll do our best to add as much to it as we can.

How do you handle my personal and credit card details?

We take your privacy and protection very seriously. All payments go through secure servers managed by top payment service providers that are Level 1 PCI DSS compliant - standards set by MasterCard and Visa to safeguard personal information.

BeSInful Modelling

What kind of photos should I upload?

When you join you can begin uploading photos straight away. Please check our content guidelines to be familiar with what is acceptable.

Are all photos published?

Uploads are shown immediately to subscribers, but we do moderate content to make sure it is suitable and does not break any rules. We reserve the right remove anything which is too grainy or low in quality for a paying subscriber to consider value for money. As a simple rule upload the best quality you can, and be as creative as you can.

Can I upload watermarked or copyrighted content?

All content you upload will automatically be watermarked by us, and will be rejected if they contain other watermarks or copyright notices. Any professional shoots you have photos from you can upload if you are the copyright holder.

How do I make money?

Unlike other sites, you can earn in 2 ways from being on BeSInful.

1) From your uploads - Sinful Credits are our online currency which has a real cash value, members can use to rate content they like. You earn a commission form every Sinful Credit spent on you.

2) Tell others - You have a unique link, which you can tell others about the site with. You will earn every time they make a purchase, and if it’s a girl, when they receive sinful credits. If you refer someone that awards you Sinful Credits you are effectively earning twice. For full details visit our making money on BeSInful page.

What is a Sinful Girl?

Sinful Girls are highlighted on the site. We arrange paid professional photo shoots with these girls for exclusive content on the site, we invite them to promo events and generally treat them like royalty.

How do I become a Sinful Girl?

We regularly choose girls from the site based on popularity, and quality of previous uploads and a number of other factors to make sure we have a diverse and balance spread of Sinful Girls - in style, looks, location, types of photos etc. We also run occasional competitions to help us and members choose who will be our next Sinful Girl.

How should I protect my privacy?

We respect that some girls and members might want to protect their privacy by using an alias. You are welcome to do this by choosing a Display Name which you will be known by. Your true identity can be kept confidential and you can choose what to reveal of your personal life in your profile details. We will never give out any of your personal details. Read our Privacy Policy.

Safety Tips

Do not give out your personal details to anyone you don’t know. If you are approached by someone for work, or to have photos taken always do your research. Ask to see their portfolio and speak to his or her previous models. If you do arrange to shoot or meet someone research where you will be meeting, never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, and take a friend.